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5 tips for specifying your hotel needs

Looking for ways to ensure you receive a hotel room to your liking? Add some additional information to your accommodation booking and your housing bureau / hotel reservation management agency will be happy to pass it on to the hotel.

1) Join loyalty programs. These days having status with hotels will get you more for your accommodation booking than hacking airline points. Some programs make it relatively easy for you to gain rewards, like the Hyatt Gold Passport which requires only five eligible nights to reach platinum status or the Fairmont President’s Club which grants free wi-fi.

2) Book your accommodation early so special requests can be taken care of in advance and everything is ready for your stay during the conference.

3) Take a selfie. Many hotels are offering special perks to people who photograph themselves and share the images of the hotel and conference on social media.

4) Be nice. This piece of advice can work in almost any situation. Instead of demanding a specific accommodation feature and complaining about something that went wrong, turn on your charm.

5) Be specific. Be it a room with a view, a suite, a quiet room, or a room close to the fire exit, if you know what you want, ask for it when making your accommodation booking. The more specific the request, the easier it will be for your housing bureau / hotel reservation management agency to take action on your behalf. There are many ways to specify details to ensure your stay will be unique and meet your needs during the conference.


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