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An overview of the 54TH ICCA Congress in Buenos Aires

By Barbara Siqueira


   The 54th ICCA Congress took place 1-4 November in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has achieved a record of attendance for any ICCA Congress in the Americas. Giving a picture of these numbers, it has registered 769 delegates, from 66 countries.  This means another slight increase in comparison with the previous North American congress in Victoria, BC Canada received 734 participants in 2008.

    Throughout the years, the ICCA Congress brings together an educational programme specifically for that years’ Congress, vast array of associations, external experts and ICCA members who are featuring new methods and advanced initiatives worldwide.

   You might be asking: So now what? This year, ICCA Congress introduced new from to enhance the Business Exchange. A selection of qualified delegates is exchanging detailed information about key international events in rounds tables to share best practice and professional experience.

   Networking matters. Attending a Congress rise an intrinsic desire to meet people who are capable of truly help your business. However, it has been challenging to create an effective activity to meet this aspiration and the Business Exchange came to fulfill this need of delegates.


Technology improvements: version three of ICCA’s Big Data tool


   Marco Van Itterzon, Research Director of ICCA has announced three improvements of the Big Data tool platform: the first enhancement tool aims to identify “champions” who plays an important role in the bidding process to attract business to a destination. The second improvement tool is “autocomplete”. When members are researching for an actual profile in the ICCA Database and want to discover who is their “active champion” they just need to click on the subject line of the lead and the tool will automatically provide champion information. “You just have to seat back and enjoying what the tool does the work for you” said Marco Van Itterzon.

  The third tool called “Find Sponsor”. This tool came out after a researching among the members asking them to point out their needs: to find potential Sponsors. Therefore the tool offers a similar process as finding a champion. Just fill in the location, what you are looking to achieve and it will show up a list of sponsors based on their past, present and future business.




    The 54th ICCA Congress recognises the excellence and outstanding achievements of organizations in their effort to market their destination or a product.

     In 2015, Halifax Convention Center has won as the Best Marketing Award. Best Marketing Award Chairman of the judging panel Patrick Delaney (SoolNua) declared: “Halifax had a very creative solution to a very real challenge: How to promote and sell a product that did not exist? They did so in a very novel and creative way, engaging with their customers and achieving significant results. They communicated their project in a simple and clear manner, with coherent messages.”


A111 Power of Conference: Keep in the loop of the Meeting Industry


   Adriana Spitteler, Director of A111 and member of ICCA was attending the 54th ICCA Congress. She believes that attending Meeting Industry Congress is a powerful way to keep inform about the latest news and network, the key tool to keep up with the changing social, political, and technical MICE industry environment.


  In case you couldn’t attend to the 54th ICCA Congress, be prepared to go the 55TH ICCA Congress in Kuching, Malaysia from 12-16 November 2016.


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