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Accommodation service for your meeting: Contracting at the right time

By Barbara Siqueira 

           Frequent questions that many associations and event planners ask themselves are: How far in advance should I book hotel rooms for my Conference? / Why should I develop an agreement with a housing bureau if my conference is 2 years from now?

      A rule of thumb, Professional Conference Organizers (PCO) recommend making reservations at hotels two to three years in advance for groups of less than 1,000 and three to five years for groups of 1,200 or more.

         If these periods of time scare you, here are some reasons to plan ahead.  This is similar in a way to how a doctor practices.


   Diagnosis: organizing a history of your previous meeting


    A doctor needs to investigate and create a diagnosis before prescribing any medication. This is not so different from room-blocked management. Understanding the hotel’s and the delegation’s patterns is a valuable tool.

     A PCO will compile a document that matches the behavioral patterns of your delegates in previous meetings with the hotels. This document will contain an analysis of timing, seasonality, transient demand, arrival/departure, rooms to space ratio, food and beverage history, outlet usage, potential increment revenue, value of account to hotel or chain, risk, etc.


 Prescription: Establish and calculate the number of rooms 


     Once the diagnosis is completed, a PCO can start a room block procedure. An accurate assessment of the number of rooms relies on variables such as destination, tourism appeal, holiday times close to the meeting, season, program format and even how many activities at night the conference has. These factors can alter the number of rooms needed. For example, one might assume/it is likely that for a destination that has a tourism appeal delegates will bring family.


   Administration of medicine: Conference host city


The city where the congress will take place is crucial element for blocking the number of rooms. A site selection takes place long before attendees begin making hotel reservations and it is a relevant factor in determining attendance number.

Another component that counts is a geographical area. The area of the country where you hold your meeting can greatly influence how attendees will arrive and depart. Your participants will need an extra night or day depending on changes in timezone.

Furthermore, accessibility is other element part of destination. As the name suggested itself to you as accessibility refers to numbers of direct flights for international meetings. So if your next Conference will take place where the majority of flights have connections, this would change de room conditions. 

Administration of medicine II: Proper mix of Hotels

Offering a mix of hotels gives your delegates an opportunity to match their personal and professional needs. It’s important to have the right diversity of hotels including a variety of rates, name brands, locations, and even leisure options.


As well as these previous activities it is also required to negotiate, analyze and sign contracts with each hotel it has been chosen.


You might be concerned if your conference is happening in 2 years and you haven’t started any of these steps. A111 can be your perfect partner because we will do it all for you.

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