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Behind the scenes: Accommodation service at the IAS 2015

By Barbara Siqueira 

Have you ever asked why recording the behind the scenes activity of films is so important?


In the film industry, people document the behind the scenes commotion including makeup, set design, lighting as well as cast and crew interviews.


Besides it’s effectiveness as a marketing tool, behind the scenes footage and stills can give us a chance to understand the formidable production value of a work and realize how little things are able to make the film an astonishing piece of art.


This week, we have decided to use the same techniques of behind the scenes in films to reveal how it is relevant from a strategic point of view to have a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) for your accommodation service.


The Plot


Summer in Vancouver, a prestigious scientific society, an International conference to be organized. A gathering of 6,000 delegates from across the globe. Everyone wants a memorable and valuable experience for all involved.

Scientists, clinicians, public health experts, community leaders, media professionals and renowned laboratory brands must find a hotel to attend this meeting.  This place must be able to meet their personal needs. Vancouver’s accommodation is in high season. Participants don’t have much free time to look for hotels.

The Production


Pre-conference events: 

- A111 answered more then 30 daily e-mails; in total 1,000 over 6 months..

- A111 dealt with 5,000 changes and new requests such as trip extensions, cancellations, name corrections, room exchanges, etc.

- A111 made themselves available for participants to contact them 20 hours/day in Europe and North America;

- A111 helped ~2,200 delegates (or groups) to find a Hotel to meet their particular needs;

- A111 sent 1,000 emails to 25 different Hotels;

- A111 negotiated prices and special requests with 25 Hotels;

- A111 helped people from 5 continents: Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Americas (North, Central and South);

- A111 spoke with participants from 193 countries;


Do these numbers impress you? The Behind the scenes of IAS 2015 reveals what kinds of work are involved in accommodation services.  Now, you are able to measure how crucial it is to have a company like A111 as your partner.

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