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How keep your health during business travels ?

By Barbara Siqueira

Browsing on the Internet, it’s easy to find articles with tips and tricks on how to maintain health while travelling for conventions or meetings. However, none of them highlight a key element before taking all mentioned steps: PLANNING. . Almost all pre-travel tips you find are related with choosing your accommodation wisely.  Here are the most popular ones:

1) Exercise daily or “stay active”

Book a Hotel that has a fitness center, or at least a connection to a nearby fitness center. Take one hour to do some exercise.

2) Rest and sleep
It is a common mistake to disregard hotel quality because you only intend to sleep. However it is absolutely necessary to have a comfortable, soft and clean bed to rest in to be prepared for the next day.

3) Eat well
Many hotels have incredible room service, restaurants, and variety of healthy breakfast options. If you are too tired to go out for dinner in town, staying in a good hotel is crucial for this.

4) Meditate
Meditation is highly beneficial in many ways see (read more about it).  Choose a place to stay that has a serene area appropriate for contemplation, perhaps with a view.

5) Find time to relax
Implicit in relaxation is time management. Rushing unnecessarily causes stress, which, over time, can have serious health consequences (read more about it). Therefore, organize your day carefully to include all the networking, education and sightseeing you desire.  If you are in a new city assume that everything will take 20-30min longer than you are used to. Also, staying in a Hotel close to the Convention center or meeting venue can be helpful.  Book early to secure your space.   Naturally, try to be close to tourist attractions or transit.

The easiest way to follow all of these steps is to delegate the arrangements to a company specialized in housing services.  Planning, organization and research is time-consuming and small errors can have highly inconvenient consequences.  By hiring an expert, such as A111, you everyone will be happier, healthier and more efficient.

We can make sure your conference is pleasant and memorable by giving specialized services and helping you make smart choices. 

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