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... "the housing bureau is just trying to sell their rooms. I can book as short notice as I like!"

In the world of & friends it seems we can book any time, short notice and get great low rates!

So when you read on a conference website the advise to book your accommodation early it sounds like the housing bureau just wants to sell you things. And anyway, rates for conference are always so high. I can do better elsewhere, booking directly and later.

Let's look at a couple of things.

Rooms are different from t-shirts

While large volume orders decrease items per price if you are producing a t-shirt, per price item on 10'000 will me much lower than if you produce 10. In a city with finite number of hotel rooms large demand does not mean prices down. It actually creates the opposite effect. When hotels hear "Conference" multiple $ singes appear in their eyes.

Compression in the city = high prices from hotels.

A (large) conference coming to town usual means an increased demand for a short period of time. After all; people need to sleep somewhere. Furthermore usually everyone wants to be close. So by default, hotels will try to get more for their rooms, because they know they can. YOU want to sleep somewhere; don't you?

Before making the assumption it is all just a sleazy sales attempt; do your research and find answers to the following questions:

1) Is it tourism season? - yes it is. --> Book your accommodation early!
2) Is something else going on at the same time? e.g. concerts, fairs other conferences? - yes it is. --> Book your accommodation early!
3) Is this a large conference I am attending with lots of people coming from all over the world? - yes it is. --> Book your accommodation early!

We are currently working on a conference in a tourist destination. July is high season here and hotels are more than full. With even less rooms available the few rooms left go at a premium price.

Yea, truth is, as an official housing bureau I do want to sell the rooms. It took a lot of effort, sweat, tears and wicket negation skills to secure enough rooms at a decent rate. Process often starts years before the conference takes place.

While we live in world where all decisions are postponed till later, short notice and last minute trips and accommodation are booked. You may not only not get to choose what you want. The question will be, is there anything left?

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