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Meeting Planning

“Meeting your Conference Needs” is our goal.

Meeting planning starts early by evaluating what your goals and visions are for the conference. A111 provides a project plan and creates a time and budget plan, helping to stay on track every step of the way. We collaborate with excellent meeting planning freelancers and bring them on board as needed.

From start to finish, let our experienced, professional team help you organize your next meeting or conference. Meetings and conventions bring people together for a common purpose and A111 works to ensure that this goal is achieved seamlessly. Our meeting planning managers coordinate every detail of meetings and conventions, from the speakers and meeting location to arranging printed materials and audio-visual equipment.

The first step in planning a meeting is determining the purpose, message, or impression that the organization wants to communicate. Our meeting planning managers focus on your meeting can affect your goals; for example, we may survey prospective attendees to find out what motivates them and how they learn best. Our meeting planning managers will search for prospective meeting sites (primarily hotels and convention or conference centers) taking reach ability and attractiveness of the destination and venue into consideration with the goal of increasing attendees. An RFP including all details and requirements for your meeting will be sent to potential locations and negotiate best rates and conditions will be negotiated. We then review these proposals and make recommendations to you as our client.

Once the location is selected, our meeting planning managers arrange support services, coordinate with the facility, prepare the site staff for the meeting, and set up all forms of electronic communication needed for the meeting or convention, such as email, voicemail, video, and online communication.

Meeting logistics - the management of the details of meetings and conventions, such as labor and materials - is another major component of the job. Planners will organize registration and name badges, coordinate accommodation and arrange transportation as well as organize exhibition management. They confirm that all necessary supplies are ordered and transported to the meeting site on time, that meeting rooms are equipped with sufficient seating and audio-visual equipment and that all materials are printed. They also make sure that the meeting adheres to fire and labor regulations and oversee food and beverage distribution.

One major task performed by our meeting planning managers is marketing to attract delegates, sponsors and exhibitors.

There is also a financial management component to the work. Our meeting planners set-up a detailed project budget forecasting expenses for each aspect of the event and update the file regularly. For the budget, they closely estimate how many people will attend the meeting based on previous meeting attendance and current circumstances.

An important part of the work is measuring how well the meeting's purpose was achieved. The most common way to gauge their success is to have attendees fill out surveys about their experiences at the event. Planners can ask specific questions about which sessions were attended, how well organized the event appeared, how they felt about the overall experience, and ask for suggestions on how to improve the next event.